Some Questions that We Often Get Asked:

Frame sizing

How do I know what size frame to buy?
Most glasses have a few numbers printed on the inside of the arm (temple). These refer to the lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length of your frames. On each product page, the frame measurements are listed as three numbers. We recommend comparing the measurements of your current glasses to the frame measurements on our website; this will give you an idea for how a pair will fit you.

Frame Size Guide - Available on every product page.

Frame Size Guide

If you wear glasses and have a pair already, check the inner side of the arm (temples) well, where you may find the size information stamped.

Of course you may find that your current glasses don’t fit very well! In which case you should take this into account by choosing smaller or larger sizes for your new frames.

This is an example size guide - NOT the actual measurements of your selected frame.


Frame measurements are listed in mm (millimeters)

Are your frames available in multiple widths?
Most frames come in more than one size. When browsing our frames, you can view the available sizes, as well as our size guide. The larger the numbers, the larger the frame.
Prescription and Pupillary Distance (PD)

Understanding my Prescription

SPH or Spherical number - This shows how strong the correction needs to be. A ‘minus’ symbol above the number indicates short-sight whereas a ‘plus’ symbol indicates long sight. Other symbols that can be found in this section are the infinity symbol (which looks like a sideways eight) or the word Plano (or Pl), which are the equivalent of ‘zero’ and are used when no sight correction is required. Another common term that can be found on prescriptions is V/A (or visual acuity) which measures the standard of vision when corrected.

CYL or Cylinder number - This shows how much astigmatism you have and the number can be negative or positive. Astigmatism is when the front part of your eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a regular circle. If you don’t have an astigmatism, there will be no figures written in the cylinder and axis boxes.

AXIS - This shows the position of the cylinder. It will be between 1 and 180.
PD or Pupillary distance - This is the distance between your eyes measured between your pupil centre points. Usually, the optician will not add this to your prescription, so you should ask for it as it’s important for those with high-strength prescriptions to have lenses that are centred more accurately.

ADD - This will indicate if you need a prescription for reading or varifocal lenses to correct presbyopia. You may also have an Inter Add for computers.

PRISM - This shows if you have a muscle imbalance in your eye. It’s less common to see this box filled in as it’s fairly rare. The prism is usually written in fractions (for example 1 ½).

BASE - This shows the direction of the prism in your lens, for example IN, OUT, UP or DOWN. This is fairly uncommon so the boxes are normally empty.

What is PD (pupillary distance) and how can I measure it?
Pupillary distance is the distance between the pupils in millimetres. This determines where your prescription is centred in your lenses in optical frames. Most adult PD's are between 60-65mm. You can click here to use our PD Measure Tool or click here for information on PD Measurement (PD Measurements).

Accounts and Payments

Are my payments secure?
We take all possible steps to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential at all times. Check our Privacy Policy. All online transactions carried out are through our 3rd party payment service providers Stripe, one of the World’s leading independent payment service providers recognised for offering exceptional service and maintaining high data integrity standards. mojoglasses does not accept or retain any customer payment information.

Do I need to create an account when making a purchase?
If you are buying for the first time with us, we do require you to create a user account. This provides you with a personal section where you can track your order and also contact us regarding an order update if necessary. Your password and username is known only to you and must be kept secure at all times.

Delivery, Warranty and Returns

Which company do you use for delivering my items?
We use Royal Mail. Once your order is confirmed and dispatched, you will receive personalised text messages or e-mails directly to you advising of the time and date of your delivery to ensure that your parcel is delivered in the shortest time possible.

When will I receive my Glasses?
In your confirmation email, we will specify the delivery time for your specific order. For estimated delivery times please see our Delivery page.

Can you guarantee me a specific delivery date?
No is the short answer. We always give realistic delivery times, and we strive to do our best in meeting all requested delivery times but as we are depending on our various suppliers and delivery partners, our delivery times are only estimations and not guaranteed. If you need your order to be delivered before a specific date, please contact us before placing an order.

How many years do I have on the product warranty?
All frames come with a 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty. This covers manufacturing faults on the frame but does not include accidental damage or wear and tear.

Proof of purchase is required for any faults to be repaired under the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. We may ask that you provide photographs showing the suspected fault before requesting the return of the item.

How do I cancel my order?
All cancellations must be notified in writing via mail or e-mail, to provide a durable record of the cancellation. Once we have received your cancellation notice in writing, we will strive to action your refund as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days of your order. See our Returns & Refund Policy.

The cost of prescription lenses cannot be refunded in an event of a cancellation as the lenses are custom-made products and are cut to your specific needs and measurements.

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