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Imagine being able to browse thousands of designer frames, try them on (virtually), order the exact prescription lenses that you need, then get your perfect glasses delivered direct to your door – all from the comfort of your home (or wherever you might be) – at a fraction of the price you would pay on the high street.

It really is that simple with – our qualified Dispensing Opticians are always on hand to help guide you all the way and provide any expert help you need. Please don’t panic if you think you’ve made the wrong choice, we’ll contact you when we review your order if something looks wrong.

Step1 – Choosing your frames

Choosing your frames. If you have a specific frame in mind you can search for that. If you have a particular style or brand in mind you can search for that and browse through all the options. Each frame often has many different colour and size options so you can choose the perfect fit. With many of our frames you can try our amazing ‘Virtual Try On’ with many of the frames – it really does work! If you need help choosing a style that best suits your face shape check out our Frame & Face Shape Guide which will help you decide which frames will suit you best.

Top Tip – if you have quite a high prescription you might consider a plastic or acetate frame with a thicker frame edge (rather than a thinner metal frame) and a smaller eye-size – this will help to reduce the visible part of the lens edge. Choosing ‘thinner lighter’ lenses with anti-reflective coating will also reduce the lens thickness and improve the look of high prescription glasses.

Don’t forget to consider the size of the frames. While there isn’t usually a huge difference in frame sizes, you want to make sure you get a pair that fits you well. If you already wear glasses, take a look at the inside of the arm. You should and you should see a series of numbers which indicate the size of the frame. If your glasses are a good fit, use these numbers to search for a new frame in the same size. Or if your existing glasses are too small or big, then make sure you choose a different sized frame.

Top Tip – if you have tried some frames on in a shop and they are they fit just right make a note of the numbers on the inside of the arms – that will tell you which frame to pick and which colour and size to choose.

The different size markings are explained below – you will see these size guides on each frame selection page.

Frame Size Guide

If you wear glasses and have a pair already, check the inner side of the arm (temples) well, where you may find the size information stamped.

Of course you may find that your current glasses don’t fit very well! In which case you should take this into account by choosing smaller or larger sizes for your new frames.

This is an example size guide - NOT the actual measurements of your selected frame.


Frame measurements are listed in mm (millimeters)

Step 2 – Selecting Your Prescription Lenses

If you have chosen a pair of glasses or sunglasses and you don’t need prescription lenses (you just want to buy the frame as it is) simply click ‘Buy Frame Only’ and you will go straight to Checkout.
Once you’re happy with your choice of glasses or sunglasses, first choose your prescription lenses. Simply click the ‘Select Lenses’ button and we will guide you through the choices. First, you need to choose the type of prescription lenses that you need ie single vision (reading or distance lenses), or varifocal lenses. If you’re not sure which type you need, contact us for help.

If you select single vision, you will then be asked if you are going to use your glasses for distance, such as driving, or for reading or other close-up tasks.

For varifocals, we also offer a choice of 2 types – our Premium HD varifocal and Ultra HD varifocal. They are both excellent quality lenses, and do the same job, but the Ultra HD offers a wider field of vision.

Step 3 – Your Prescription

In order to make your glasses exactly right we need to see a copy of your full prescription. To make this easy you can choose to upload a scan or photo of your prescription at this point, or choose to send it later. Once we have verified your prescription, you can view it the ‘Orders’ section of your account, be sure to double check!

If you want ‘single vision’ prescription lenses, you will need to provide your PD’s (Pupillary Distance’s) the distance between the centres of your eyes. This might be on your prescription, but if it isn’t don’t worry as it quick and easy to measure. If you don’t provide your PD information we will use the generally accepted average PD’s for men and women. If you want ‘varifocal’ lenses we may also need you to measure your ‘Heights’, if we need this measurement we will contact you.

For further information on PD and Height measurement click here

Top Tip – Please make sure you take a clear photo or scan of your prescription, we need to see everything on the prescription including your name/address, the Opticians signature and the date of the eye test.

Once uploaded, your prescription will be saved into our system, so if you shop with us again you can simply click ‘Use Saved Prescription’.

Step 4 – Choose Your Lens Options

Once you have added your prescription you will be given a choice of lens options. You can choose between ‘clear’ lenses for everyday use, ‘blue light’ protection coating, light changing ‘photochromatic’ lenses and even sunglass lenses with a choice of standard tints or ‘polarised’ lenses. To find out more about all of our lens options click here

Step 5 – Choose the lens Material

Our standard 1.5 index clear lenses are normally included with your frame purchase, however if you have a stronger prescription or a frame with a particularly thin edge, you might want to choose a thinner and lighter lens option. Once you’ve selected the lens you want, you will be offered a choice of standard or premium anti-reflective coatings. For more information about our range of ‘thin and light’ lenses and anti-reflective coating click here

Step 6 – Payment & Delivery Options

Finally, it’s time to pay and complete your order. ‘Delivery’ is pre-selected and already in your basket. Then you can use credit and debit cards to pay as normal. If you have any problems with your order, simply contact us. For Delivery times and charges click here

Once you have completed your order you will receive an order confirmation notification from us to the email you have supplied.

Sit back and wait for your glasses to arrive!

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