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Measuring your PD

If you want ‘single vision’ prescription lenses, you will need to provide your PD – (Pupillary Distance’s)

PD stands for PUPILLARY DISTANCE. The PD is the distance from the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other. (The pupil is the black spot in the middle of your eye). This measurement is used to ensure proper lens placement within your frames. The PD is not usually recorded on your prescription, some opticians will add it to your prescription if you ask them. If they won’t, don’t worry, you can use our easy to use PD Measure tool.

The stronger your prescription (ie the higher the plus or minus numbers), the more important it is that we have an accurate PD measurement.

If you dont provide us with a PD, we will use these generally accepted default measurements. For lenses, other than varifocals, the default PD measurements we will normally use will be as follows:

Women Men
Distance Glasses: 62 mm 64 mm
Reading Glasses: 58 mm 60 mm

These default PD measurements may vary slightly depending on certain known factors and indicators regarding the frame (in particular, the frame size).

PD Image 1

How do you measure OC height Varifocal Glasses?

Ocular Centre Height refers to the vertical positioning of your pupils behind each of their respective lenses. This is measured in mm from the centre of each pupil to the lowermost section of the lens within the rim of a glasses frame.

If you want ‘varifocal’ lenses we may also need you to measure your Ocular Centre ‘Heights’. If we need this measurement we will contact you.

In other words, we use your PD and your OC height to horizontally and vertically align your pupils with the middle of each of your lenses.

PD Image 2

Oh, and because your new glasses are a different shape, this measurement is entirely unique to how your specific glasses frame rests on your head – your OC changes from frame to a frame.

How to use our PD Master step-by-step guide

  • 1. Place your phone or laptop on a stable surface in a bright room, at arms length.
  • 2. Hold a card in a credit card format at the top and hold it flat under your nose.
  • 3. If you wear glasses, please take them off. Look directly into the camera and not at yourself.
  • 4. Make sure that access to your camera is allowed. Once the scan is done, the image will be attached to your order.